to the idyll

The vast expanse of the sea, the pristine beach, the lush green fields… Embrace the unrivalled coastal tranquillity of Cadzand. Here we are building an idyllic retreat: Catsand Island has 10 spacious plots with secluded country villas in verdant surroundings. A place to experience the epitome of privacy without having to sacrifice on comfort. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


the assets of Cadzand

Cadzand is said to be one of the most unspoilt stretches of coastline in the Netherlands. And it’s easy to see why because its wide sandy beaches are not lined with high-rises, unlike some other seaside resorts. Instead, Cadzand has managed to retain its charm and authenticity. The landscape, which is dotted with polders, dykes and fields, is ideally suited for a pleasant walk or bike ride, to breathe in the salty sea air, and lose yourself in Zeeland’s stunning landscapes. 

But there’s more: just 200 metres from Catsand Island, you can access Zwarte Polder, a pristine wetland area that is even more unspoilt than the Zwin. The rich biodiversity of mudflats, salt marshes, dunes and fens is a major attraction for (migratory) birds and other creatures. 


amongst nature

At 300 m from the beach, 16 hectares of farmland (roughly 32 football pitches in size) will be transformed into natural land with ten estate plots. The barren fields have been remediated and will be landscaped and managed to become one with Zeeland’s nature, creating a rich biodiversity of mudflats, salt marshes, dunes and local flora. Not only will the landscape become one with the Zeeland environment, the (fully licensed) country houses will also merge into the whole.

“Cadzand is characterized by polders, dikes and dunes. Ideal to lose yourself in the typical Zeeland landscapes.”
  • N10 unique plots with planning permission in a nature area.
  • N10,112 sqm to 27,391 sqm.
  • NDwellings with a living area of 466 to 1,017 sqm.
  • NEach villa has a main building and an annexe.
  • NIndoor or outdoor pool.
  • NFlexible floor plan.
  • /To be finished to your own taste and specifications.
  • NPrices from € 2.175.000

virtual walk

around Catsand Island

Catsand Island, you should be able to feel it, with all your senses. Schedule an appointment on the site and be overwhelmed by its pristine nature. Want to walk around among the imposing mansions right now? Then don’t miss the virtual reality tour with the Meta Quest. Get in touch with our real estate offices.

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